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muradian. how can the u.s. military enjoy the benefits of social media but also ensure the safety of its computer network? and we'll look at how a remarkable new book is teaching junior officers the vital complexities of counterinsurgency warfare. >>> first, few tools proven better to society in general than cyberspace. modern networks handle intelligence, operate unmanned vehicles and more. they also constitute an enormous vulnerability, coming under attacks daily from foreign governments, criminals, terrorists and private individuals. our next guest says there needs to be sweeping change that includes new international laws and redefine roles for government, industry and the public. he was once the chief information officer for the intelligence community and now the vice president and general manager of cyber and information assurance for the harris corporation. dale, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> you have a very different view as to what the problem is. you're saying it's not really a security problem but a national problem. can you explain that? >> absolutely. cyberspace unde
weeks. road crews will use the time to replace the concrete pavement on the interstate there. vdot says expect delays. >>> the british government is rejecting criticism for its compassion yacht release of the lobber by bomber who took down pan am 103. he was welcomed back to libya to huge cheers. he was released from a scottish prison because he was terminally ill with prostrate cancer and has a few months to live. admiral mike ullen says kehe's appalled by the release and calls it an obvious political decision. scottish oicials say there is a good deal of public support in the u.k. pan am flight 103exploded over lockerbie scotland back in 1988. 259 people were on board and killed. as well as 11 people on the ground. the bomber was convicted back in 2001 and sentenced to life in prison. >>> new york senator charles schumer is pushing for a national passengers bill of rights after a second plane load of passengers got stuck on a jet for six hours. it happened friday at new york's kennedy airport. reportedly because of construction and weather. earlier this month you may remember passenge
to have him here with us always on the show. i want to say thank foss all the people behind the scenes who make this thing work. a special thanks this week to the staff over in jerusalem. they were wonderful to work with. from the staff and crew of huckabee let >> you came up with other genes that do things more than week. others featured dr. quack and all that blank lines in the jungle. that was for me i want to see the man. >> a great saturday. >> julie: you can see from short but you know it's out there. hurricane building north and we're tracking its every move. i am julie banderas and where life as fox reports tonight. is release sparked outrage. a convicted terrorist with the blood of more than 200 people on his hands now free and celebrated as a hero back home. tonight, one of america's closest allies rejects the accusations that it struck a deal to free the lockerbie bomber and reaction from the former leader of the investigation, here in the u.s. >> a present inferno. fire consumes a kentucky prison in the midst of a massive riots. now investigators want to know how
ago, candidate obama traveled to europe and said that he was not appearing as a candidate for u.s. president but as a fellow citizen of the world. mr. obama sees the world under his leadership as an active and interactive player as part of the international community. apparently the international community believes that we are and obama sees himself on center stage of that grade world amphitheater. the effect of this transformation is that pulariti soaring. the percent of germans who ewed the dato is 64%, up 31from 2008 poll. ng to the pugh, global the , k.u.69%, up from 16% year. the french three-quarters, 75% of frenchmen nosee america favorably versus 42% in 2008. so what is the big lever that has moved the seesaw of america's popularity so radically upward? acknowledgement of world citizenship? yes. but was it also this public apologetic admission by president obama? >> in america, there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times w
the death book. a 52-page pamphlet the department of veterans affairs is using right now in end of life counseling for the nation's 24 million veterans. we will talk with jim touhy, former director of faith based initiatives in the bush administration who broke the story. then we turn to tammy duckworth. miss duckworth insisted on being interviewed separately. welcome to "fox news sunday." >> great to be here. >> chris: what is wrong with this material, your life, your choices that the va is using for end of life counseling right now? and the article that you wrote in the "wall street journal" in which you disclosed this, you say that the message is clear, hurry up and die. >> well, the message that they want to communicate i think is that if you have a stroke or if you have a coma situation that somehow your life has lost a little value and may not be worth living any more. my problem with the document, chris is, that the author of it is a proponent of assisted suicide. he is way out there on that issue and the va has been using this. a new directive came out in july urging providers t
. >>> that does it for us this morning. stay tuned for fox news sunday and join us back here tonight at 6:00 for the latest news and weather. >> i'm chris wallace and this is >> i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." captioning made possible by fox news >> amid outcries over death panels, new information about what critics call the death book. is the department of veterans affairs already counseling former soldiers on when to pull the plug? we'll talk with jim towey, who blocked the plan during the bush years but said it started again under president obama. and v.a. assistant secretary tammy duckworth, a veteran of the war in iraq. then health care reform in trouble. will democrats drop the public option? will they stop dealing with the gop and try to go it alone? we'll ask pennsylvania democrat senator arlen specter and paul ryan, the top republican on the house budget committee. also, former bush homeland security chief tom ridge says he was pressured by other top officials to play politics at the terror threat level. we'll ask our sunday panel on weigh in. our power player of
of foreign affairs is using right now in end-of-life counseling for the nation's 24 million veterans. we'll talk with jim towey, who broke the story. and then we'll turn to tammy duckworth, assistant secretary of veterans affairs. miss duckworth insisted on being interviewed separately. mr. towey, welcome to "fox news sunday." what's your difficulty with the end-of-life counseling? in your article, you say the message is clear. hurry up and die. >> well, the message that they want to communicate i think is if you have a stroke or if you have a situation that somehow your life has lost a little value and it may not be worth living anymore. my problem with the document, chris, is that the author is a proponent of assisted suicide. he's way out there on that issue, and the v.a. has been using this, a new directive came out in july urging providers to refer patients to it. so in my view, there should be a balanced treatment. this is a slippery slope that makes people, when you look at the document, it makes people feel like they're a burden and they should do the decent thing and die. >> we'
promised $3 billion for reconstruction. >>> it looks like u.s. support for the war in afghanistan is flagging. 50% of those surveyed think the war didn't worth fighting. joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen says he's concerned about that lack of support. he says afghanistan remains vulnerable to being retaken by extremist forces. >> well, i think it is serious, and it is deteriorating. i have said that over the last couple years, that taliban insurgency has gotten better. their tactics just in my recent visits out there certainly indicate that. general mcchrystal is about to wrap up his assessment, and he will come in with that assessment in detail, and i haven't seen that. >> you have no doubt he'll ask for more troops? >> actually, we're not at a point yet where he's made any decisions about asking for additional troops. >> three years ago the u.s. had about 20,000 forces in afghanistan. by the end of this year, that number will be 68,000, including 17,000 sent over by president obama. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is expected to give a report in about two weeks on
introduces someone. he uses figures from the omb that they don't match with the cbo. that gives the gop something to talk about at the dnc quickly trots out a tr -dvd saying that the sar you and the ama support the client asked us phrma. the art in c. wants us i is but right here at fnc, we have their ads that sure looked like it. meanwhile, the fbi have to investigate if the e-mails sent by voters were in violation of the pra question mark in a taken foia request to find out and the secretary of hhs stirred up things in the msm about the public option. of course the afl-cio and the acr and have been tried to pack townhomes last week as they were mia until they got told to rally and you know what? i'm like thinking omg, i'm lol. because this whole thing is a big mbs s. well, i wonder if the presidents guarantee will work. stay tuned to fnc, you can find out. that's my view i would love to hear yours. and you can contact me. when you do, click onto the "fox news" feedback section and there you'll also find some information on how to contact your congressman and senators. [ applause ] >>
it all down for us and most importantly tell us why it matters and what it really means for you. elizabeth, thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> of course, poppy. the big news this week about health care reform was whether or not the public option, which is basically government-sponsored health care as an option, has to be a part of health care reform. obama proposed it, and then there were some questions as to whether or not he was backing away. here's what secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius had to say. >> here's the bottom line. absolutely nothing is changed. we continue to support the public option. that will help lower costs, give american consumers more choice, and keep private insurers honest. if people have other ideas about how to accomplish these goals, we'll look at those, too, but the public option is a very good way to do this. >> so, poppy, what it sounds like she's saying is we like the public option here in the white house but it's not a deal breaker. >> all right. so, elizabeth, what exactly is a public option? there is so much debate ab
, the public, the consumer want more government. we want the government to tell us the chances of being struck by an asteroid. we want them to clean up the litter. we want the government to do something about people trapped on airplanes. we want the government to do something about swine flu. we want the government to protect us both physically and increasingly in more subtle ways against disease, climatic change. it is a very difficult issue. what do we want the government to do. if we ask people, they're mostly say they want the government to stop doing all these things that do not affect us and start doing these things. i'll give you an example -- bananas are dying out. bees, little honey bees, we only have about half as many as we used to, but we need them, because without them, there is no food. we have endangered species in the waterways that are changing the nature of those waterways and the aquatics live in them. but are these your concerns? if they are, you what the government to do something about it. if you think that is okay, then you do not. it is a hard call. the problem is not h
in materially morning hours. that's where abc's stephanie sy is this morning. joining us from chatham, massachusetts. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, bill. the good news is, by the time hurricane bill had got on shore here, it had weakened a lot. and it moved by quickly. the houses on the shoreline were never in danger. i think we can safely say that all we're left with are the remnants of bill. we're experiencing some wind, big waves and riptides. wind, rain and towering waves, along the massachusetts coast overnight. the long-range effects of a beefy hurricane bill. >> i'm a little surprised it didn't intensify a little more than it did. but what's happened is, all that power, instead of being concentrated in a small area at the center, is spreading out over a larger area. >> reporter: weakening. but still a threat, the category 1 hurricane is heading towards canada, where folks in nova scioscia are preparing for a direct hit. offshore oil rigs there are being monitored carefully. as bill moves cooler waters today, forecasters say it will continue to weaken. but
, the murder turns even more heinous. exclusive tonight. his attorney with us live. as we go to air. the reality tv star's car and boat trailer found abandoned at a marina on the u.s./canadian border. we also learn his story to police doesn't match up with the facts. >> the person we are looking for is named ryan alexander jenkins. >> a reality tv contestant wanted for questioning in the death of his bikini model ex-wife may now be in canada. that's what police are saying now about ryan alexander jenkins. they want to question him as in their words, a person of interest in the death of 28-year-old jasmine fiore. they receive ad report that a man matching his description took a boat to washington state's points roberts peninsula and walked across the border. >> jasmine fiore was 28 years old. she was an aspiring model for a time. she moved to l.a. to open a personal training business. she apparently moved there with this man. she went down to san diego for a poker tournament or poker game and ended up dead in that dumper, in that suitcase. >> reporter: her fourth floor penthouse is n
. to fill us in on the week's top stories here's lauren. >> president-elect obama has chosen his security team. the biggest surprise - he nominated his former rival - hillary clinton - to be secretary of state. >> she possesses an extraordinary intelligence and a remarkable work ethic. >> mr. obama also announced he's nominating governor bill richardson of new mexico to be the secretary of commerce. >>> it's official -- the nation's economy is in a recession. that means instead of a growing economy, it's becoming weaker. all eyes are on washington for guidance. leaders of the nation's top car companies are willing to work for less than your weekly allowance. if the government loans their failing companies money - the ceo's of ford, chrysler, and gm say they'll take a salary of just $1 a year. >>> officials in india are blaming pakistani terrorists for the ten violent attacks in mumbai last week. u.s. secretary of state condoleeza rice is visiting the area hoping to ease tensions between the countries. >>> a surprising number of teens admit they cheat on tests. in fact, a study found 64% o
a relatively smooth presidential election, an assessment from the top u.s. general in afghanistan, the situation there is deteriorating. we'll map out the challenges, discuss polls for more u.s. troops, michael mullen, and u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. >>> the president is off for a vineyard vacation. >> recent setbacks won't cut back his call for recent changes this year. >> my obligation to the american people says that we're going to get this done one way or another. >> we'll assess the policy and political hurdles in the senate with republican richard lugar and joe liberman and democrat joe harden. >>> and then our american dispatch from ft. riley, kansas, off to war again. the soldiers and families of the first infantry division take another turn in the army cycle of family strain. >>> this is the "state of the union" report for sunday, august 23rd. >>> karzai and his challenger are claiming victory, raising tensions even though it could be weeks or more before the official results are certified. it is an uncertain military situation, as well, with fighting between u.s. for
. meanwhile the beaches feel the effect of hurricane bill. >>> thanks for joining us. good evening everyone i'm adam may. weather continues to be the big story tonight and lots to tell you about. heavy rains poured down in parts of the states tonight. you can see that here this evening. closer to the coast the beach is feeling the wrath of hurricane bill. the beaches are closed today due to dangerous surf conditions. the complete weather warning coverage let's condition with bernadette woods she is tracking bill and other storms. >> that's right. a lot going on around the area. doppler warning still some rain out. there not the heaviest of rain that we saw earlier. but when we put it in motion you can see all of that winding down. still seeing the greens and blues out there but lighter rain than what we were dealing with earlier. a flood warning in effect for caroline county until 1 1:30. but what i want to do is show you one more thing. take with me here what we have got going on when we highlight the last two days worth of rain there are areas between 4-8 inches showing up here. this is on
to do something about swine flu. we want the goverent to protect us both physically and ineasingly in re subtle ways against disease, climatic change. it is very difficult issue what do we want theovernment to do. if we ask people, they're mostly say they want the governme to stop doing all these things that do not affect us and start doing these things. i'll give youn example -- bananas are dying out. bees, littlhoney bees, w only have about half as my as we used t but we need them, becauseithouthem, there is no food. we have endangered spees in the waterways that are changi the nature of thos watways and the aquatics live them. but arthese your concerns? if they are, you what the government to do something about it. if youhink that is oy, then you do not. it is a hd call. the problem is not how my things the government does, t how many things -- how many under perfming people it uses to do it maybe w should wk on using - mang government mor efficient rather than making it smaller. i havone of the most important oadcasters in america we are going to me bk and have atriking conversatio
us sort of specific descriptions that a medical professional would recognize. what you saw, how you approached the problem, who was doing what. >> ok. the -- the people that were there were -- that i remember and i'm sure there were others, were myself. a nurse, diane bowen, i think, and two interns. marty white who's now -- well, head of the organ bank here in dallas. a lot of people still around. and an oral surgery resident whose name i don't remember right now. oral surgery intern. so that was the team. your job in a patient who's severely injured kind of goes in the steps of do what takes -- keeps each patient alive, then you go back and evaluate the injuries in more detail and make your long-term plan. first, you need a way to breathe second you have to be breathing and third your heart has to be pumping and fourth, head has got to be working, your nervous system has to work. your job is to see what's going of within the airways and breathing and see what's going won the circulation. then you look at neurological function. the -- usually one person kind of takes charge and one
. >> they feel like a burden and they should do the decent thing and diements we say, please, use any type of a tool that's most suitable for you and your loved one. >> julie: tonight, the controversy over the va's end of lifeguard and whether it's sending on the right message. taking on the h1n1, the unprecedented plan to take on the swine flu, hoping to vaccinate americans in just a few months. with supply shortages also being predicted is the plan too ambitious? >> plus, greece is burning. one of the most ancient and historic places on earth, the cradle of civilization, engulfed in flames. efforts to control the fires, hampered by intense winds and they're pleading for any help they can get. >> we begin with a weather alert though, at least one person now confirmed dead. and nine others rushed to the hospital after they were almost swept out to sea by a powerful wave from hurricane bill. we're told it happened at acadia national park in maine, as a crowd was watching the surf along some rocks. a park ranger originally said the wave came over the crowd and swept several people away. wel
the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism. >> tonight on war stories, drugs money and narco terror. mayhem in mexico. >> it's just a death culture. >> 800 were buried in unmarked graves. >> it's right on our borders. >> it's throughout the united states. >> three dozen kidnapping. >> and teenage cartel assassin tells a you're watching fox news, most powerful name in news. >> julie: no one is immune to it. among those seduced by the lifestyle, are beauty queens, cops and politicians. it's been called a narco insurgency, gun fights among heavily armed gun car tells have killed thousands. violence has spiraled out of control and threatened to spill across our border. narco terrorists have infiltrated 230 american cities. one of them is this person on interview. they said he may have killed up to 30 people. this is war stories, i'm oliver north coming to you from mexico city. behind me the national cathedral in the heart of the sprawlin
in a very readable book and i know that john and elizabeth had have special comments for us and join us for the q & a afterwards. so please join me in welcoming to the podium, john roberts. >> just a little bit over 50 years ago, a very enigmatc monk sailed into the harbor of new york to settle into the saw it's. i decided to start this morning talking about him, because he turned out to be the living human bridge in a changing political movement to maintain tibet's freedom that began as a cold war operation in the 1950's under president truman, and continued to become a counterculture cause up till today, where it's a mass global movement. and that transformation of a political movement to maintain freedom for an occupied country is really a kind of profound thing. the monk was a colmic mongolian. they shared tibetan buddhism going back 50 years with the dalai lama and the tibetan theocracy. he never would have come to the united states if it weren't for world war ii. at the end of world war ii, there were many displaced people in the soviet union including in mongolia and a coup of ca
are about to see. i think justice souter has been a magnificent justice or any of us who had the privilege of arguing before him and the court. we all know that he was extraordinarily well-prepared, fair minded, extraordinarily probing, and a lucid questioner. he was one knew i would hark back to the great moment when i was able to persuade justice souter to come out to present a eulogy to my late, great colleague and mentor, gerald gunther. justice souter is not a man who likes to travel. he likes new hampshire. i called up his secretary. he loved gerald's but because he said he should approach each case and decided as carefully as you can for that case. he had written him a fan letter about the book. i was unable to get justice ginsberg to come to the eulogy because she was being inducted into the women's hall of fame. i tried justice souter. i called up and the secretary said you never get him to come. is that in connecticut? no, it is in california. he will never go to california. he only likes to go to new hampshire. five seconds later, might line rang, and it was david souter. he sai
influence grows. what if they were to lose faith in america? what if they were to use their economic clout in various countries? the first thing you should know about wen jiabao is he's quite different from other leaders in the chinese era. his followers have a nickname for him, grandpa wen. he flew out to a devastated area, met with them individually. he behaves more like a chinese politician. he is a politician within the ranks of his political party. i asked him about one of the most difficult times of his life, tiananmen square. i heard the other chinese officials in the room gasp. wen paused for what seemed like a minute, and then he answered with surprising frankness. listen carefully to what he says about chinese democracy. this was the heart of the interview. wen made clear that his country is moving toward the day when it will resemble a western-style democracy in some ways. he expressed a simple but powerful conviction, that government should answer to its people, and he acknowledged that he could see a time when china would have a two-party election. wen also said china needs a
. good to see you. that does it for us. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. the news continues in washington with shannon bream live for you right now. keep it on fox. thank you for joining us today. have a great day. >> shannon: new information today on what critics call the death book. it's a 52-page manual veterans affairs is using for end-of-life counseling for the nation 24 million veterans. critics say the message it gives to severely injured vets is hurry up and die. a top v.a. official who was injured in battle says it's not true. a prominent senator is calling for hearings. i'm shannon bream live in washington for the next two hours. all the new developments in the study were on fox news sunday with chris wallace. caroline shively joins us from washington with details. >> hi to you, shannon. the controversy is over a booklet on the v.a. website called "your life, your choice." veterans can use it to decide what they want for end-of-life care, to figure out how they want things handled by their doctors. one part of the booklet, it lists different health scenarios you ca
on detainee tactics. one of the headlines this morning says that the cia used a gun and a power drill to threaten duties. we want to get your reaction this morning. -- to threaten detainee's. in the paper this morning, reporting on this story -- here is the headline. it says a bush officials filed the charges over tactics in this terror case. the reporters with their leaves say that a cia officer who allegedly used a gun to intimidate it captured al qaeda suspect was formally disciplined for violating the agency's rules for conducting interrogations', but the bush administration justice department officials ultimately declined to file charges against him, according to two former intelligence officers familiar with the case. this is in "the washington post" today. there are a lot of related stories in the papers today. in this particular case they write that the cia officer eventually resigned. this was confirmed yesterday. inspector general's report which is slated to be released in the classified form tomorrow. the first call on all of this -- todd on the independent line. caller: he
government reacted sharply that u.s. authorities made it clear, neither did they want a compassionate release or prisoner transfer, they preferred compassionate release. >>> serious accusations after a devastating bombing in baghdad. iraq foreign minister said it must have been an inside job. the government said high-level security personnel have been detained. at least 100 people were killed in the strength of attacks. more than 500 wounded. it was the country's deadliest day since the u.s. pulled combat troops from iraqi cities nearly two months ago and left security in the hand of the iraquis. he thinks more serious attacks will occur. >>> the president may be vacationing in martha's vineyard but that doesn't mean he can forget about work. planning a local tv ad campaign for martha's vineyard. the conservative group has spent $150,000 on the ad urging president obama to drop the government-run insurance option. >>> death toll from typhoon battered taiwan that jumped to at least 650. the country's premier calls it the worst weather disaster to hit taiwan in 50 years. authorities believe mor
tavis: good evening from los angeles. i'm tavis smiley. first up tonight, a conversation with u.s. secretary of education, arne duncan. after a run as chief to have chicago public school system he is in charge of public education for the obama white house. goals include the push for more charter schools in the us. also tonight, the founder of the enter dependence day, benjamin barber. his gathering takes place in turkey next month and emphasizes the need for global cooperation on a wide range of issues. arne duncan and political theorist benjamin barber coming up right now. >> there are so many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better but mostly we're looking forward to helping build stronger communities and relationships because with your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance working to improve financial literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you.
're seeing more sun than we have seen for a day or stew. the presence of bill kept us murky yesterday. why and finally the humidity is going to go away. >> it is still there, but we will make progress by the end of the day, and it will take 24 hours to work through all these issues. we don't have as many issues as we had yesterday morning because most of the rain is off shore. a few showers out to the west. the actual rain falls more out over the atlantic at this time. the clouds are a bit more scattered. the front is still trying to move away. this stalled front-moving front which was here yesterday is still here this morning. so we'll talk about how quickly this thing will get out of our hair coming up with the insta-weather plus forecast. >> and remember, you can follow the storm on our web site. you can pin point wet weather down to your very own street. go to you'll find it on the home page. >> hurricane bill passed the u.s. yesterday. >> and even though it did not make landfall, many on the east coast are still feeling the effects. >> on the island of bermuda hurricane bi
our nation healthcare system. good morning, everyone. great to have you with us. i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. lawmakers turning up the heat on the debate on the sunday talk show circuit. look at wisconsin congressman paul lion who was on "fox news sunday" talking about why we're seeing such outrage at the town hall meetings. >> it seems that the rhetoric that was used to sell this plan is completely disconnected and contrary to the substance of the plan. when you put this in context of what has happened this year, bank bail-out, government take-over of auto companies, massive borrowing and deficit and now a huge takeover of the healthcare sector, making the fiscal situation worse, not better. that's not my words, but according to the congressional budget office, that has people up arms and has people coming to the town hall meetings worried about the legislation rushed through congress. >> eric: for the latest on healthcare reform, go to caroline shively in the washington bureau. caroline, there is a new call now we hear this morning to drop the government run health
were in the best position to see severe weather first. a couple of our viewers sent us photos. brandon sent us this photo capturing one of the many lightning strikes from last night's storm as it moved through the neighborhood. if you see storms in your area, share it with baltimore. upload photos and videos. go to send photos and videos directly from your cell phone at >>> a woman who was struck by a car during last night's stormy weather has died. the incident happened at the intersection of 31st last night. she was rushed to the hospital with a head injury and two broken legs. police are broebing whether the storms actually caused the crash. >>> after a nine day stretch of no murders, police are investigating two murders in two days. the city is still on track to be the safest in years. myranda stephens has more. >>reporter: her heart is broken over the loss of her son. >> they killed my son. everybody loved him. >>reporter: 25-year old dante died thursday after police say a man came to his home off southland avenue and shot him
in libya. washington condemns the move. defying the millions cast their votes. >> it was a great day for us. we did it. >> carnage in iraq. at least 95 were killed and hundreds wounded in baghdad. is she or isn't she? the athlete takes us sex test. >> welcome to this week. a white house spokesman called it outrageous and disgusting. president obama himself called it a highly objectionable. libya's jubilant welcome for the man convicted of the pan am bombing stirred emotions. terminally ill, he was freed early from a scottish jail this week on compassionate grounds. two hundred seven people were killed in the bombing, two- thirds american. we have two reports. first, our correspondent reports on his release. >> the first glimpse of the terrorist dress in white, surrounded by prison officers and about to leave the scottish jail. cheers from waiting crowds awaited him, now a free man but under police escort. a convoy of vehicles escorting him to glasgow airport with security tight. he was convicted of the mass murder of 270 people, the decision to release him was taken by the justice secretary
>> i will not vote and many of us will not vote for a final house-a senate compromise without a public option. >> this week on "inside washington," now trouble from the left on health care. the public option it dead? >> this is just a public sliver of it. >> the congenial debate continues. >> you continue to support this nazi policy as obama has? >> on what planet do you spend most of your time? >> afghans risked their lives to vote. as terrorist bombings increase in iraq, the maliki government chooses not to ask america for help. the nation loses it two legendary news man, robert novak and don witt. >> the secret is to find people who can tell the story better than you can. captioned by the national captioning institute >> i am looking for somebody who can tell me if the public option in president obama's health plan is still viable. democratic senator kent conrad says not in the senate. >> look, the fact of the matter is that there are not votes in the united states sena for the public option. there never have been. to continue to chase that rabbit i think
at the arcadia national park right near portland, and arcadia national park superintendent joins us live by phone. thank you, sir, tell us the latest on this. i understand you had several thousand people at the park at the time? >> right, don, we had several thousand people lining what we call ocean drive inside acadia national park watching the waves that were unusually big. >> and what about the people who were overcome by any of the waves. tell us about that or the people who are -- are there people who are unaccounted for here, as well? >> at one time we had as many as five people in the water and needing rescue. and the coast guard was able to rescue two people safely. we're still looking for three others. and another five people were injured enough requiring transport to the hospital. >> yeah, broken bones we hear. >> yes broken bones and back injuries. >> those are incredible waves. have you seen anything like this? >> i have. i've seen other storm surges like this. they're quite dramatic, but this one came at the height of our visitor season when the most people were in the park. and so e
. vital because it matters to all of us. different because we're keeping this to a minimum. by now you've heard plenty of shouting about health care reform, but far less about what reform actually is and what it means to you. what changes, what doesn't? the benefits, the costs, and the costs of doing nothing. >> bank ruptsing families and businesses and we are going to fix it when we pass health insurance reform this year. we are going to fix it. >> by the end of this hour, you'll know details of what president obama wants and how he says they're going to pay for it. also, what's in some of the plans going through congress right now. in plain english, the public option, co-ops, mandates, all those things some lawmakers say they can't live with and others say they can't live without. >> there are not the votes in the united states senate for the public option. >> in the house of representatives, without a strong public plan, even stronger than the one we reported out of committee, it would have a difficult time getting 218 votes. >> we are trying to stop the stampede of government takeo
hour or so but not long for us but still in effect for all of the counties in green. we've had a great deal of rain tonight. we have heavy storms and downpours that hit the eastern shore. dover delaware saw almost 5 inches of rain in the span of a few hours. denton saw about 2. arnold's seeing more than 2 inches. it varies as to where the storms just developed. when they were there, they just stayed and put down enormous amounts of rain. the ground has already been saturated previous to this. so for tonight, leftover showers and maybe some flooding still in spots. we still have the flash flood watch in effect. the warnings have been discontinued. we're looking at 70 degrees for an overnight low. i'll talk about whether we'll see any relief coming up in a few minutes. delia? >>> to hurricane bill now and the dangerous conditions that caused beachgoers to get out of the ocean. we look now up and down the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: the high waves and relentless rip currents kept most people out of the ocean in ocean city -- out of the water in rehoboth beach. hurricane bill was downg
live h.d. doppler radar. it is more of an issue for those on the peninsula than it is for those of us west of the bay. we have partly cloudy skiesment our temperatures are -- cloudy skies. our temperatures are a little cooler now. the activity is pulling away from us. there are also isolated and scattered showers in the mountains of virginia and west virginia at this time. at least there are some breaks in the clouds, and some less humid air is beginning to filter into the area. i'll bring all the details coming up with the insta-weather plus for the rest of the weekend in just a minute. >> thank you, john. remember, you can follow the storms on our web site. you can pinpoint weather down to your own street. go to and you'll find it on the home page. >> hurricane bill passed bermuda with just a glancing blow yesterday. >> even though that hurricane is not expected to make a u.s. landfall, many are still feeling the effects. >> hurricane bill whipped up winds and surf. hundreds of miles away, huge and dangerous waves were also making their way to the u.s. mainland from massa
begin, i would like to let you know that i will use the words from the bottom of my heart to answer your question, which means that i will tell the truth to all your questions. >> i look forward to the chance for this dialogue, and i begin by thanking you for giving us the opportunity and the honor. the first thing i have to ask you, i think, is on many people's minds. what do you think of the current financial crisis affecting the united states, and does it make you think that the american model has many flaws in it that we are just recognizing now? >> the crisis that occurred in the united states may have an impact that will affect the whole world. nonetheless, in the face of such a crisis, we must also be aware that today's world is different from the world that people lived in back in the 1930s. so this time, we should join hands and meet the crisis together. the financial and economic system in the united states go wrong, then the impact will be felt not only in this country but also in china, in asia, and in the world at large. i have noted the host of policies and measures adopted
, lyndon johnson used to complain this his cabinet was missing from almost every monday morning meeting because they were fogged in on martha's vineyard. fog may be the least of the problems here. i'm joined with steve from the times. even though it as category one storm, it seems as though residents are taking it seriously. >> most of us moved to safer anchorages and tied down things, just taking precautions. >> geraldo: do you have video, new york? are you okay? okay. are we okay? okay. all right. so they are tying down boats and battening down the hatches. even though it is a category one, they believe that it is serious enough to warrant caution? >> there is a tropical storm watch up which means they expect winds up to 40 o knots here overnight for a brief time. the storm is moving very fast so it should go by quickly. >> geraldo: we are joined by dr. bob arnat. a man who wears many hats. dr. danger one of them. he flew his own plane here. a live picture. a new satellite picture we use on boats where hurricane bill is now. this is the storm just offshore of martha's vineyard and her
last week's devastating typhoon. it's being called the worst disaster in taiwan in 50 years. the u.s. and dozens of other countries are sending help. meanwhile, this cameraman quickly became part of the story when he was swept away by flood waters. he was trying to get footage of the typhoon's aftermath when he fell in. soon after, residents pulled him to safety. >>> pop singer lady gaga toned down her rather wild style while in israel. she said she's honored to be visiting. >> it is so special. so to be here now and to see it is a very emotional and spiritual experience. >>> a rare baby red panda -- yes red, made his debut at a zoo in poland. the 8-week-old was examined and given his first shots. this species of panda is endangered because of habitat loss. there are believed to be only 2,500 adult red pandas in the world today. for "teen kids news," i'm lara. >> elephants are sending text messages in kenya. to protect local farms, the elephants have been tagged with devices that send a message when they get too close to civilization. that way the elephants can be shooed away before
and delivery system actually works. if the cooperative, on the other hand, is the vehicle by which we can use federal policy to begin to force regions to begin to imagine how the care delivery system might be reorganized, for payment reform, for pushing the integration of care systems, through the engagement of patients and governments and also in their own care process, those of the kind of principles that are really going to make a difference. and as the cooperative discussion unfolds, i hope that's where you see more discussion about the health care system is no. >> if you're watching "news makers close cut with scott armstrong. joining him are naooam levy and david lightman. >> we may need a separately -- a separate half hour show for this. regulations. new they regulate? what do they regulate? >> again i am very proud of how well i am able to run group health cooperative. terms of setting federal policy are around how you regulate things? it is beyond my ability to comment to specifically. -- to comment too specifically. there needs to be irrational said a federal standards, but my view
". >> i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. president obama goes into creature mode on healthcare. the subject of this evening's topic. americans oppose big government healthcare. president made an appeal to religious people saying it is a moral obligation to provide healthcare to those who don't have it and criticize those who oppose his plan. talking point somewhat agrees with the president. americans should look out for each other but there are smart ways to do that and not so smart ways. the american people do not want to invest trillions in a program. and that is what the president does not seem to understand. the president says in the long run it will be cost efficient. americans are rightly skeptical. today a pew study states 49% approve. once again talking points does not oppose improving the healthcare system. top story, reaction from "fox news" bizarre. you can see him at 4 p.m. and the "fox business" channel 6 p.m.. >> i agree with everything you said. i really think this is the apop crisp. >> either you've
for hours today. thanks for joining us, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm sarah simmons in for maureen. somenaire's are flat-out drenched. we are talking four to five inches of rain out there. the ground is so saturated it brought down heavy tree limbs. the video now from northwest dc. will the wet weather extend into your sunday? gary mcgrady now live to get us started. >>> to answer that sunday question first, yeah, i think we have more rain in here for tomorrow. but it's not goi l tsa w eat saws a ouyiontme ned,as you men l pesesout to the east of dcof epapndnn aisti repornn as fo rain. ive inch this is much-needed rain, but yown heu start getting over three inches in one 24-hon ur k, that's hard to e.tpe ad a flash flood watch, that's been canceled. d of th seohae haflash flood been canceled. we still do have a flash flood warning in effect for calvert unco that will extend intun lae thtetee evening, early morn hours. there is max hd radar. u atsee wh is taking ple ace w. no t whi ingant to show you aplke ac i t'vaken place. we've been getting a little bits h last 15 to the e east of t
to get the word out? >> well, i think you can do both and you can definitely use it as a way to test the second location, you can definitely make sales and go from, you know, lisa perry is definitely making sales and being able to expand her brand. you definitely can make sales. >> real estate people are looking to rent out space right now, so is this the time to test your retail con snept a store front. is this the time to be looking? >> i think so. there's a lot of space on the line, and there's a lot of the social medias, small businesses can take advantage of this. if they have a twitter following or a large e-mail list, this is the perfect opportunity to do it in a vacant store or do it in a bigger store that has some space not being utilized. make an agreement where it is essentially free because you are going to bring extra traffic to the store. >> yeah, and the gap did that. they lifted their french boutique take up one of their stores exclusively for a period of time. they gave their store to them and they didn't pay anything. certainly, large companies are open to that. >>
of athens, greece, threatened by massive wildfires. stephanie gosk joins us with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. some of athens' most iconic sites are slouded in smoke. the government declared a state of emergency for the region and evacuated 10,000 residents. five of athens suburbs are being threatened, pushing the fire department to its limit, and forcing some residents to resort to garden hoses to stop the flames. the intense heat is making the fight worse for the nearly 1,000 greek firefighters and soldiers. the situation is so bad that firefighters from other countries, including france, italy and cypress are on their way and should arrive later today. the fire began friday night north of the city, 25 miles. and quickly spread, common in greece this time of year. a major wildfire years ago killed 65 people in ten days. the fire department has yet to release statistics for this blaze, but witnesses are saying a large number of towns have experienced heavy damage, some of them being all but consumed by the inferno. lester? >> stephanie gosk for us t
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